Aircraft Performance

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Real-World Takeoff Performance – It is easy to get complacent about calculating airplane performance when the weather and winds are in our favor. This article from AVweb highlights the importance of reading the performance charts, and understanding that they are but “best case scenario” baselines upon which we can estimate our takeoff and landing distances. If you’re flying near gross, or at high density altitude, do the math first.

Mastering the Maze of V-speeds – This article from FAA Safety Briefing magazine explains and defines the v-speeds used in aviation.

Why Vx and Vy are Different – An explanation by Bold Method of the difference between power and thrust, and why that affects Vx and Vy.

What Does Altitude Have to Do With Vx and Vy? – This post by Bold Method explains why Vx and Vy are not constant but change with your airplane’s altitude.