Basic Aviation Class

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Basic Aviation at College of DuPage is a non-credit continuing education class. It is offered twice a year: once in the spring semester and once in the fall semester. You may register online using MyAccess, or by contacting COD’s Continuing Education Department.

Each of the below links will take you to the PDF of the slides I show in class. Clicking on more information will take you to the related page on my website with more resources on the given topic.

Any topic without a link to slides means that I haven’t developed the slides yet. I will get around to it… eventually.

Basic Aviation 1

  1. Introduction to Flight
  2. Aerodynamics (more information)
  3. Aircraft Controls & Systems (more information)
  4. Flight Maneuvers & Aeronautical Decision-Making (more information on ADM)
  5. Aircraft Instruments & Manuals (more information)

Basic Aviation 2

  1. Weight & Balance (more information)
  2. Aircraft Performance (more information)
  3. Weather (more information on weather theory, more information on weather services)
  4. Airspace (more information)
  5. Airport Operations (more information)