Following are infographics I’ve created for my different engineering classes. Click on them to link to the PDF.

Connecting common circuit components to a breadboard

Contains images and descriptions of common circuit elements connected to a breadboard. #engin2210 #engin2213 #engin2223

Using the constant current source

Contains information about how the constant current source works, how to use it, and the restrictions on current based on resistor value. #engin2210

Current-limiting resistors and diodes

Explains how to connect current-limiting resistors in circuits with an RGB LED or 7-segment display. #engin2213 #engin2223

Resistor color codes (4-band)

Contains a chart explaining resistor color codes. #engin2210 #engin2213 #engin2223

Using equipment with Earth ground

Explains how to use lab equipment that have Earth ground. #engin2210

Using a potentiometer as a variable resistor

Explains how a potentiometer works, and how to use it as a variable resistor. #engin2210