Instrument Rating

As of June 2020, I am working on my instrument rating, so I will continue to update this page as I continue my studies.

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Manuals / Handbooks

Instrument Flying Handbook (FAA PDF) – Learn about instruments and the basics of instrument flying.

Instrument Procedures Handbook (FAA) – Learn about the different procedures that instrument pilots need to know about.

Other Textbooks

Usually I like to use the FAA handbooks as they are the definitive sources used for the written tests. However, I do not care for the Instrument handbooks as a beginner trying to learn these subjects for the first time. Instead, I recommend:

The Pilot’s Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying published by ASA


Download the instruction manual for your GPS. If you are using a Garmin GPS there may be simulation software that you can download onto your computer. The more time you spend playing with it on the ground, the less time and money you spend figuring out how it works while also trying to hold your altitude, heading, and airspeed while under a hood.

Online Holding Pattern Computer – This simulation allows you to enter an inbound course and aircraft heading to determine which type of holding pattern entry should be conducted.