Microcontrollers Lab 10

Lab 10: Power Consumption & ATmega328P without Arduino

Lab 10 will come from the published version of the lab manual.

Lab Manual Errata

The following are known errors in the lab manual corresponding to this lab.

  • Page 114 should say “Using your optimized code from circuit II, …”
  • Page 111: the frequency/Vcc graph is for the ATmega328, not for the ATmega328P. See below for the figure for the ATmega328P.
  • Circuits II and III: do not use a Vcc less than 2.7 V (which is the minimum allowable Vcc value of the ATmega328P chip.)
Relationship between Vcc and clock frequency for the ATmega328P microcontroller.

Lab Modifications

The following changes have been made to lab 10.

  • In the procedures and results section for each circuit: Based on the feedback you’ve received on your code, and anything new you’ve learned since the lab, what, if any, changes would you make to your code?


Watch/read the following resources prior to attending this lab. This information will teach you how to use lab equipment and provide suggestions and technical tips for successfully completing the lab.