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Current Sectional Charts and Terminal Area Charts are necessary for pilotage and dead-reckoning. They also contain invaluable information about airspace. Downloads are available from the FAA website. However, you should always have a paper copy available. Paper copies can be purchased from almost any flight store. Electronic versions are included in many apps such as ForeFlight or WingX (note: many of these apps require an annual subscription). Charts are valid for 56 days and you are responsible for having a current, up-to-date version. *Note: Amazon does NOT generally offer the best prices for Sectional Charts and TACs. Shop around!

Aeronautical Chart Users Guide – This book is published by the FAA and can also be purchased as a print version. It contains information about how to read and use your sectional charts and TACs.

E6B Flight Computer Instructions – This explains how to use a manual E6B flight computer. The website is specific to a Gleim computer but can be generalized to any E6B (some windows may just be in different spots).

Contacting Flight Services – This article explains how to contact Flight Services over a VOR. Contact Flight Services to open a flight plan in the air, get updated weather information, or obtain airport information.

The ABCs of VORs – Detailed information from AOPA about how to use the VOR system to navigate.

How to file a VFR flight plan – This post from ThinkAviation contains a lot of helpful information about how to file a VFR flight plan. How to open a VFR flight plan explains how to activate the plan once you’ve filed it.

SkyVector – This website contains VFR and IFR charts and allows overlays with current weather (METAR and TAFs as well as radar and satellite), TFRs, AIRMET and SIGMETs. It also allows for limited flight planning between two airports by displaying the distance between the two points and the true course.