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ThinkAviation.net is a very useful blog with relevant articles about general aviation. The author has also written an excellent guide to understanding NOTAMs.

iPad Pilot News is written by Sporty’s and contains very useful resources if you fly with an iPad or are thinking about flying with an iPad.

Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields – This website is a treasure-trove of historical information on old, abandoned, closed-down, and hardly-known airports.

N-Number Inquiry – This website allows you to enter an airplane’s tail number and will give you information about the type of airplane it is, and to whom it is registered. If you flew an airplane, or even just saw one sitting on a ramp, and want to know what type of aircraft it is, this is where you can find out.

ICAO Aircraft Type Designators – This searchable database allows you to determine the aircraft type based on the make/model, or the make/model based on the aircraft type.

Why your camera makes airplane propellers look so weird – Have you taken pictures out the windshield of an airplane to see a bizarre looking bent prop? This website helps explain why that happens.

Related & Recommended Books

  • Zero Three Bravo: Solo Across America in a Small Plane by Mariana Gosnell
  • Fate is the Hunter by Ernest K. Gann
  • Dreams of Flight: General Aviation in the United States by Janet R. Bednarek and Michael H. Bednarek
  • Last Flight by Amelia Earhart
  • 747: Creating the World’s First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation by Joe Sutter and Jay Spenser
  • The Concorde Story by Christopher Orlebar
  • A Gift of Wings by Richard Bach
  • Night Flight by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry