Part 107 (sUAS / Drone) Resources

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Become a Drone Pilot – Information from the FAA about becoming a part 107 certified remote pilot. If you are already part 61 certified, it is a very simple and free process. Otherwise you will need to pass the remote pilot knowledge test. Recurrent training / testing is required every two years.

Remote Pilot Airman Certification Standards (PDF) – This document contains an outline of the knowledge that remote pilots need to know to be certified under part 107. The top of each ACS task contains references where you can find the related information.

Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide (PDF) – This is an FAA published handbook that contains information about part 107 topics.

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) (AC 107-2A) – This advisory circular contains guidance for operating as a remote pilot under 14 CFR part 107.

The FAA is currently working on authoring FAA-H-8083-24, which will be the Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operating Handbook. As of June 2021, there is no release date for it yet. Personally, I am greatly looking forward to its release!

Registering your drone

As of June 2021, I finally own a drone! This means I’m figuring out the nuts and bolts of complying with all of the new sUAS requirements. To register your drone, you will need to use the FAA Drone Zone website. Select which option pertains to you (part 107 or recreational). I registered under part 107. As of today, it does not appear that DJI drones have complied with the remote ID requirement as of yet. Please double check this information, but if your drone does not have the remote ID, you can still register but will have to select that you do not have the remote ID capability. The fee for registration is $5. There is a guide on how to label your drone (PDF) that you can use to properly mark the registration number in a visible location on your drone.

Related & Recommended Books

  • Remote Pilot Test Prep by ASA Test Prep Board
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Guide: Exploring Designs, Operations, Regulations, and Economics by Brent Terwilliger, David C. Ison, John Robbins, Dennis Vincenzi
  • The Complete Remote Pilot by Bob Gardner, David C. Ison
  • The Droner’s Manual: A Guide to the Responsible Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft by Kevin Jenkins