Practical Test Resources

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The FAA is moving from Practical Test Standards (PTS) to Airman Certification Standards (ACS) to use as the guiding document for the practical exams. Links are included below for both, as Sport Pilots will still refer to the PTS, and Private Pilots will refer to the ACS. All of the aeronautical experience must be obtained, as well as endorsements from your CFI, before you may take the practical test. All of the prerequisites are listed in FAR §61.39.

Checkride Summaries – Read summaries of checkrides here. Please e-mail me if you would like to include your write-up on this website.

Practical Test Standards – Refer to the relevant PTS for information about the Sport Pilot practical exam.

Airman Certification Standards – Refer to the relevant ACS for information about the Private Pilot practical exam.

Chicago Designated Pilot Examiners contains some useful resources and references that you will want to read before your check ride!