Principles of Flight & Aerodynamics

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Stall and Spin Awareness Training (AC 61-67) – This is an advisory circular published by the FAA and contains information about stalls and spins. Although it is not necessary to do so to obtain a sport or private pilot certificate, I highly recommend having spin training with a CFI in a spin-capable airplane, and I can recommend instructors to contact to do so. DO NOT ever attempt to intentionally put an airplane into a spin under any circumstances unless you are with a competent CFI in an airplane that is approved for performing spins.

Why Skids Are More Dangerous Than Slips – This short article published by Bold Method explains the difference between skidding turns and slipping turns.

These Are The 6 Types Of Aircraft Stability – An explanation of static and dynamic stability: positive, neutral, and negative.

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  • Aerodynamics for Aviators by Mark Dusenbury,  Gary Ullrich, and Shelby Balogh