Circuit Analysis Lab 11

Lab 11: Filters

Lab 11 will come from the published version of the lab manual.

Suggested Pre-Lab Activities

Completing the following activities before attending lab will save you time during the lab session.

  • none
Lab Manual Errata

The following are known errors in the lab manual corresponding to lab 11.

  • Page 145 and 148: The figures on these pages are all captioned (a). Each figure on the right should be labeled (b).
Lab Modifications

The following parts of lab 11 have been modified from the published version of the lab manual.

  • Circuits 3 and 4: The capacitor values of C3 and C4 must be no greater than 10 nF for these circuits to work properly!

Watch/read the following resources prior to attending this lab. This information will teach you how to use lab equipment and provide suggestions and technical tips for successfully completing the lab.