ENGIN 2210

ENGIN 2210 – Circuit Analysis I

This is an introduction to engineering circuit analysis and design. The topics include concepts of electricity and magnetism; circuit variables (units, voltage, inductance, power and energy); circuit elements (R, L, C and operational amplifiers); simple resistive circuits; circuit analysis (node-voltage, mesh-current, equivalents and superposition); transient analysis; and sinusoidal steady state (analysis and power).

Online Circuit Simulators

Circuit JS – an online circuit simulator.

Circuits Basics & Tutorials

Electronics Tutorials – this website provides explanations of nearly all of the topics covered in this class, with many examples.

Glossary of Electrical Engineering Terms – Definitions of many frequently used EE terms.


Types and Applications – not all resistors are alike. This article from Nuts and Volts explains how resistors are made and when to use each particular type.

Capacitors & Inductors

Delta-Wye Transforms for Capacitors – this post gives the equations for Delta-Wye transforms for caps, which differ from the resistor/inductor equations.

Bust a Cap – Exploding Capacitors – this video from SparkFun clearly highlights the differences between ceramic, aluminum electrolytic, and tantalum electrolytic capacitors. Moral of the story: be careful not to over-volt or reverse bias your electrolytic capacitors!

Does Inductor Winding Have You Tied in Knots? (PDF) – this article from the July/August 2018 Nuts and Volts magazine explains the fundamentals of inductors.


Filter Design and Analysis – this tool calculates filter frequencies based on resistor, capacitor and inductor values.

Filter Basics (PDF) – this article from the July/August 2018 Nuts and Volts magazine explains many concepts relating to filter design.