ENGIN 2210

ENGIN 2210 – Circuit Analysis I

This is an introduction to engineering circuit analysis and design. The topics include concepts of electricity and magnetism, circuit variables (units, voltage, inductance, power and energy), circuit elements (R, L, C and operational amplifiers), simple resistive circuits, circuit analysis (node-voltage, mesh-current, equivalents and superposition), transient analysis, and sinusoidal steady state (analysis and power).

Lab Resources

Following are resources for each of the circuit analysis labs. Each page contains a link to the lab manual, a list of related equipment videos, helpful links, any noted errata, and other tools that will help you to be successful when doing the labs.

Online Circuit Simulators

Circuit JS – an online circuit simulator.

Circuits Basics & Tutorials

Electronics Tutorials – this website provides explanations of nearly all of the topics covered in this class, with many examples.

Glossary of Electrical Engineering Terms – Definitions of many frequently used EE terms.


Types and Applications – not all resistors are alike. This article from Nuts and Volts explains how resistors are made and when to use each particular type.

Operational Amplifiers

How to Choose an Operational Amplifier – this article from Nuts and Volts gives a lot of interesting information about all the specs of an op-amp, and how to choose one based on your project requirements.

Capacitors & Inductors

Delta-Wye Transforms for Capacitors – this post gives the equations for Delta-Wye transforms for caps, which differ from the resistor/inductor equations.

Bust a Cap – Exploding Capacitors – this video from SparkFun clearly highlights the differences between ceramic, aluminum electrolytic, and tantalum electrolytic capacitors. Moral of the story: be careful not to over-volt or reverse bias your electrolytic capacitors!

Does Inductor Winding Have You Tied in Knots? (PDF) – this article from the July/August 2018 Nuts and Volts magazine explains the fundamentals of inductors.


Filter Design and Analysis – this tool calculates filter frequencies based on resistor, capacitor and inductor values.

Analog Filter Wizard – this tool allows you to create a Bode plot and determines the filter parameters from that.

Filter Basics (PDF) – this article from the July/August 2018 Nuts and Volts magazine explains many concepts relating to filter design.