Circuit Analysis Lab 6

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Lab 6: Operational Amplifiers

Suggested Pre-Lab Activities

Completing the following activities before attending lab will save you time during the lab session.

  • You are going to be working with DIP chips in this class, which is very different from other circuits you have built up until this point. You may want to consider drawing pictures of how to connect your circuits based on the pins of the DIP chip. Or, you may want to use TinkerCAD to play around with the op-amps and build one or two circuits online before coming to class. You can use your TinkerCAD layout to help you out when you are in class.
  • Now that it is fresh on your mind, I strongly recommend that you complete pre-lab 15 questions 2 and 3. (Most students find that they do not have the time to squeeze in an extra pre-lab during the last week of the semester. Do yourself a favor and get part of it over with now!)

Circuit 5 Animation

GIF animation of the functionality of lab circuit 6. As a finger moves back and forth across a soft potentiometer, the brightness of an LED changes corresponding to that position.
Animated GIF showing the functionality of lab 6 circuit 5.


Watch/read the following resources prior to attending this lab. This information will teach you how to use lab equipment and provide suggestions and technical tips for successfully completing the lab.

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