ENGIN 2223

ENGIN 2223 – Microcontrollers

This is an introduction to the structure of microprocessors. The topics include architecture, instruction set, assembly language programming, assembler directives, input/output operations, C language programming for an embedded device, timers, analog-to-digital conversion, interrupts, and timing analysis.

Lab Manual

Note: before printing a copy of the lab manual, verify that the lab manual edition corresponds to the semester that you’re taking the class. It’s possible that a new version is not available yet. Contact Dr. Pasquale if you’re not sure.

Course Resources

All of the resources you seek are on the DoctorPCOD GitHub Repository.

General course resourcesDrPCOD/resources.md
Smart car information (including rubrics and deadlines)DrPCOD/smart-car
KiCAD library and informationDrPCOD/KiCAD
Lab resourcesDrPCOD/labs
Starter codeDrPCOD/ENGIN-2223
Information specific to your semester’s classDrPCOD/20XX-spring (look for your year! no link, this changes every year)